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Trogir is the town situated 30 kilometers away from Split, the center of Dalmatia. It is located near the airport. The town lies half on land and half on the island of Ciovo and the bridge links the two. Trogir is a town rich in history and together with Ciovo makes an interesting tourist destination. The city is under UNESCO protection for its numerous monuments. It was settled in the 3rd century BC by Greek colonists. Later, it was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire and from 9th century, it was slowly settled by Croats. As the city it has enjoyed autonomy in the Croatian-Hungary state and the peak of its power can be seen from 13 to the 15th century when its economic, cultural and artistic life were blooming. It fell under the influence of Venice in the 15th century , but still kept Croatian spirit and language. After the fall of Venice, it was briefly under French rule and then under Austro-Hungarian. Turbulent history had left numerous monuments in the city that give it its unique atmosphere. Tourists love to walk through its narrow streets and squares, eating in its numerous picturesque restaurants, shopping in its small stores or drink coffee on its waterfront where many luxurious yachts dock and give it a special charm. You can stay in apartments, rooms or one of the many small hotels in Trogir. If you want to avoid large crowds and still be close to Trogir you can stay in one of the small towns nearby. There are Kastela, Seget Donji, Seget Vranjica on the land a little further Sevid, Marina and Vinišće. If you want to stay on the island of Ciovo and swim on the local beaches you can stay in Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Slatina or Arbanija. Complete Trogir has a rich selection of apartments and it is up to you to choose which suits you the best. Trogir is only 30 minutes drive away from Split, so you can always go on a trip or visit nearby islands on some of the tourist boats. Trogir and Ciovo are the magnets for tourists during the summer. If you want to avoid large traffic jam, you can stay in nearby places like Kastel Stafilic, Stobrec or even Split. Go for a one day trip to Supetar, on Brac or on the gorgeous beaches in Bol. Numerous yachts sail into the port of Trogir and it gives a special beauty to the town, and you can also choose something for yourself from a large charter offer in Trogir.

Trogir - Ciovo
Trogir - Ciovo
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